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Your three Labour Councillors for the Dukinfield Ward of Tameside Council are:

>>> Cllr John Taylor

(also Deputy Leader of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council)

Home tel: 0161 308 3471

Council tel: 0161 342 3021 (Members’ services)



Twitter:  @JohnWagTaylor

Member since 1984.
Cabinet Deputy 1999-2010.
Education: Crescent Road Secondary School.
Profession: Full time Councillor
Union: GMBTU Boilermakers section Branch President for fifteen years. Married with two children.
Interests: Lifelong Manchester City supporter.

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Areas of Responsibility

>>> Cllr Jackie Lane

Council tel: 0161 342 3021 (Members’ services)


Member since 2002
Education – Lakes Road Secondary School, Tameside & Oldham Colleges
Profession – Project Officer and Qualified Counsellor
Union – Unison
Married with 1 son
Interests, Ballroom/Latin, Rock and Roll Dancing, Reading, Socialising with friends.

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Areas of Responsibility

>>> Cllr John Wild

Council tel: 0161 308 2685


Member since 1994.
Mayor in 200/2001 and Deputy Mayor 1997/98.
Education: Greenfield Secondary School.
Self-employed window cleaner.
Widowed with three children.
Interests: Football referee, squash, badminton, tennis, 60s music.
Justice of the Peace since 1992

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Areas of Responsibility

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